Wednesday, December 07, 2005

No, you did NOT bring your 3 year old to the late show.

There needs to be a universal, federally enforced curfew for children under the age of 16. I am considering running for Prime Minister because I think this should be a serious political issue. Know what I hate? Driving past 7-11 at 2am and seeing a pack of 13 year old boys loitering outside the store. GO HOME. Don't you have Red Shoe Diaries to watch or something? Maybe Wild-On Camaroon? Maybe the Girls Gone Wild infomercials?

Anyways, back to the point of my story. I was in Edmonton a week ago and I decide to watch ~cough~ Harry Potter ~cough~. I get tickets for the late show, which starts at 9pm. I get into the theatre and sit down a few rows back from the front. Alot of the optimum seats were taken due to my having to watch the dragon blow some fire (which was awesome). So I'm sitting in my seat and in walks this family. And I mean the WHOLE family. The Grandma (age 29), the mom (age 18) and the kids (ages 6,5,4 and 3). I seriously give them the triple take. You know, the one you give your doctor when you find out what a catheter/pap smear is. I can't believe this. You just brought your 3 year old daughter to the LATE MOVIE. What kind of 3 year old isn't in bed before 7pm? I know for damn sure that if I was 3 and I wasn't in bed before 7pm, it was because I was sick and couldn't sleep because I had an anal thermometer stuck up my ass.

Worst thing about it is that this girl is awake the whole time and CAN'T KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT. Newsflash: As if your 3 year old daughter cares that Harry is a crappy magician. Again. Or that Ron is a huge pussy. Again. Or that Hermione is really hot. I mean smart. Again.

You just know that this kid is never supervised at home and doesn't go to bed until 1:30am. She likely already smokes dope, curses like a sailor and drinks like your dad.

Get some parenting skills.

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