Thursday, August 25, 2005

Don't snub me.

Here's something that pisses me off. When people who are obviously huge losers in real life get into a social setting that makes them feel good about themselves. And then they start getting arrogant.

Here's the deal. I work at a group home with troubled kids. We have 300 or so clients and just as many employees. There are also around 15 different group homes in the city all part of the same organization. It is an unwritten rule at the place where I work that whenever, and I mean WHENEVER, you drive past another van (belonging to the same organization), you wave a greeting. It doesn't have to be an extravagant wave; just a friendly hello saying "hey, I work at the same place as you. We both have the same social stature".

Well, as you can imagine, there are people at work that read this so I have to be extremely careful about how I write my description of this person. So let's just suffice to say that he's a redneck. Probably in personality as well as looks, but especially looks. Just picture your average (and by average I mean far below average) redneck and you'll know the type of person I'm talking about. I don't actually even know the guys name. I'll have to ask Bagodi because somehow Bagodi knows pretty much everything about anything that has to do with me not liking someone.

Anyways, when working nights, this rule does not change. You drop the kids off at their respective schools and if you happen to pass another van, you wave at them. You don't even have to take your hand off the steering wheel. Just throw 2 fingers up in the air and let the other person know you see them. Well, one day while dropping kids off, I see another van coming my way. I give the obligatory wave, make eye contact and...nothing. NOTHING. Dude doesn't wave back. Seeing as I'm a nice guy, though, I shrug it off. Once. Not the next morning, but some subsequent morning, I am driving some youth to their schools. Once again, I see a van in the distance and prepare to wave. The driver is the same one and believe it or not, DOESN'T WAVE. AGAIN. Seriously. You are a redneck. You aren't better than me. You aren't even better than David Schwimmer. Wave. And get this. He wasn't done. One last time, I passed this guy driving kids to school. Of course I don't give him the obligatory wave due to him being an ass. But when he passes me, not only does he not wave. Not only does he simply not do anything. He gives me the "up-nod". You know the nod I'm talking about. The "I am far better than you and I hope you know it" nod. I couldn't believe it. I was entirely speechless. This redneck yokel just declared his prominence over me. I think I'll go to his wedding and steal his bride/sister from him. Suck it, retard.

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