Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Guest Postings

I have received a few (1) proposals from other blog enthusiasts (haters) who wish to post on my blog. In case I get other offers, there are a few conditions that must be met before I go shamelessly whoring out my blog. Here they are:

1) Payment - You owe me. A blog as prestigious as mine doesn't just get posted on by nobodys. You need to have credentials. Or money. Or boobies. Or nothing.

2) Don't suck - Like Jim Rome says "Have a take and don't suck". Your post will be proofread by myself. Noot fore spellling errorrz, orr grammer that is goud, but for conntent.

3) For the idiots, those spelling errors were PURPOSEFUL.

4) No liberals allowed - No liberals allowed.

My blog is now officially as popular as - www.letsgetcoloncancer.com

Counters Rule